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Adding value with legal technologies

Getting the best out of Legal Technology

Like any profession, great lawyering centres first and foremost around successfully leveraging people and knowledge. Technology can help lawyers get even more from their people and make even better use of organisational knowledge.

By itself, technology does not always offer the solutions lawyers seek and much time, effort and money can be invested in procuring legal technologies with questionable benefits and/or limited take up. OMC Partners work with clients to identify the opportunities available to optimally blend people, knowledge AND technology.

How we can help you

Using our deep experience of legal operating models, we collaborate with clients to identify and articulate their legal IT requirements as part of their wider delivery model design. We support this with a business case so clients understand the comparative costs and benefits of a broad range of options.  Equally, we advise where technology is NOT the proven solution.

Whilst we are fiercely independent, we know the IT technology marketplace and solutions well and work with clients to identify appropriate technology vendors, developing a selection and procurement approach to ensure clients’ needs are fully met. From our extensive work in managing change in the legal sector we are well placed to support clients with implementation and capturing the benefits identified, “winning hearts and minds” along the way.

Our work in this area includes supporting clients with:

  • document / knowledge management systems

  • practice management systems (including e-billing platforms for law firms and cross-charging for in-house)

  • workflow and process automation, including Robotic Process Automation / Artificial Intelligence

  • document automation

  • contract and risk management solutions

  • on-line collaboration platforms 

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