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Creating value through Legal Project Management

Project Management Best Practices for Lawyers

In a market where margins are continually under pressure and clients demand greater cost certainty and increasingly sophisticated service levels, strong project management skills are essential for any modern lawyer – whether in private practice or in-house. Lawyers have much to learn from the likes of the Big 4 accounting firms, leading consultants such as McKinsey and Accenture, and other professionals who have successfully applied project management approaches to their work to great effect for decades.

LPM does more than just help lawyers to manage their work productively, and cost effectively.  LPM ensures they truly  understand and meet their clients’ objectives, align everything they do with the clients’ interests deliver engagements on time and to budget, and articulate the value of the services provided.

The Benefits of Legal Project Management
How we can help you

More and more clients are insisting that their lawyers “walk the walk” and demonstrate their LPM proficiency – this includes in-house lawyers and their internal clients, most of whom use proven project management approaches in their own work. Lawyers who don’t adopt LPM, miss significant opportunities.

OMC Partners, in conjunction with Kinch Robinson, have developed an LPM approach which captures up-to-date methods and techniques adopted by leading law firms, in-house teams and other professionals. Delivered through rigorous practical training we help lawyers from all disciplines deliver services using a consistent methodology that captures all the benefits of LPM Best Practice. 


Armed with new ways of thinking and working lawyers are better able to:


  • define what clients really want

  • plan how to deliver work to an appropriate budget and timescale

  • use the best mix of resources

  • monitor and report meaningfully on progress and on cost

  • deliver what they said they would, on time and to budget

  • convey to clients the value of work done

  • bill and collect fees in a timely fashion

  • minimise write-offs and difficult client conversations

  • capture what they learn from projects and re-use it in the future

  • sell-on and sell-across, ensuring that clients can’t wait to use their services again

Case Studies

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Embedding LPM Skills at Elite UK Firm

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