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Alternative Resourcing in the Legal Sector

Using the broadest range of available resources in the most appropriate way

Both in-house legal teams and law firms are under more pressure than ever before to deliver legal services efficiently and cost effectively. One of the most significant opportunities to optimise legal costs is to use a blended mix of resources in more cost-advantageous locations to deliver legal and support services.  

Alternative resourcing in the legal sector is rapidly evolving. Whilst the provision of practice support through lower-cost in-house or outsourced models is more proven, the far greater opportunities lie in rethinking the way legal services are delivered. A range of strategies are being used, from ensuring the ‘right resource for the right task’ within existing teams through to lower-cost, in-house support units or offshore outsourcing. While cost reductions of 30–50% have been proven in a number of areas, setting the right strategy, defining your operating model, and implementing with robust change management processes are key to success and to spreading these level of benefits across the entire legal organisation.

How we can help you

OMC Partners have been helping in-house lawyers and major law firms transform their resourcing models for over a decade. We have helped many clients  secure competitive advantage by pioneering novel delivery and operating models. 

We advise and deliver solutions in the following areas:


  • leveraging our database of over 200 legal processes and 70 business support processes, helping you analyse which is the most appropriate resource for each type of work

  • determining – without you reinventing the wheel - what services and processes are suitable, and have been proven to succeed, for alternative resourcing 

  • analysing and selecting the most appropriate delivery model, whether in-house or outsourced, onshore or offshore – all reflecting risk, complexity and volume

  • articulating and developing business cases and implementation approaches to win the hearts and minds of stakeholders

  • gaining investment approval and influencing the decision-making process

  • vendor selection – while we are fiercely independent, we know the supplier market place intimately and can advise on and manage the selection process

  • building appropriate governance and process models including the development of appropriate service levels and KPIs

  • managing implementation – helping clients capture the benefits by moving to new models using proven risk-mitigating techniques


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