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Driving Value In-house

Improving in-house legal operations

In-house legal teams are under increasing pressure to deliver more with less – from budget pressures from CEOs / CFOs to delivering services under continually increased regulatory and compliance burdens. 


We work with in house teams to get best value from their own teams, from their panel firms as well as from the rapidly emerging spectrum of ”New Model” legal services providers.

How we can help you

OMC Partners have been supporting in-house legal teams for over a decade, helping in-house leaders to:

  • utilise all their resource options more effectively

  • demonstrate greater value to Business Clients

  • contribute to the bottom line through cost reduction and, for some, revenue generation

  • get “best bang for their buck” in terms of both internal and external legal spend

  • overall, improving service delivery, responsiveness and output quality


Through our work we have developed extensive inventories of tasks and work types suited to various delivery models and have also developed close to 200 Best Practice Legal and 70 in-house Support processes, all of which save GC having to reinvent the wheel.

We advise and deliver innovative solutions in the following areas:

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