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Alternative Resourcing in the Legal Sector



Our client was invited to act as a “trailblazer” for a number of bespoke applications being developed by a leading Practice Management System provider. This arrangement would have seen our client contributing £300k+ towards software development costs for, what was then, an unproven product. Our client wished to understand the full investment costs and benefits before embarking on this project and developing, then implementing the solutions into the firm. 


Working collaboratively with our client’s IT leadership we identified the resources – financial, systems and people - the firm would need to invest to deliver the project. We also worked with key stakeholders (including lawyers) to identify the firm’s functional and technical requirements, comparing these to the proposed solution. Finally, through a fully costed Business Case, we identified that the project was not able to deliver the anticipated benefits and that the overall investment costs were c.£1m. The firm, therefore, mothballed the project.


An objective Business Case avoiding the (mis)investment of time, money and effort; fully articulated requirements which allowed the firm to then identify and implement more appropriate technology.

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