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Alternative Resourcing in the Legal Sector



Faced with increasing pressure from traditional law firms as well as newer competitors, our client, a top 50 firm, took the decision to create an alternative sourcing unit to carry out volume, repeatable activities in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. 


Having established a clear project plan and mapping those processes with the greatest business impact, OMC designed a collaborative approach to carefully examine, break down and rebuild key legal activities to ensure that the appropriate and most cost-effective resource was used at each stage.

Applying OMC’s “think big, implement small” philosophy, OMC planned a phased roll-out of increasingly complex, cross-practice activities to be provided by the unit. A constant “drumbeat” of communication ensured that staff were constantly engaged with and informed about the project’s development. As a result, our client found that not only was the unit accepted but was so enthusiastically embraced by staff that senior partners from all teams pushed for the expansion in scope and growth of the unit.

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