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Alternative Resourcing in the Legal Sector



Our client, a Top 10 firm, was considering establishing a dedicated paralegal unit to better exploit current market opportunities in the face of a tightening recession and increasing cost pressures.  The client sought assistance to define an ideal specification and location for the in-house unit, taking into account governmental grants, cultural similarities and talent pools. 


Starting with a blank sheet of paper, OMC worked with the client to establish the key objectives behind the decision (quality, efficiency and cost), interviewing key stakeholders to produce a comprehensive, cohesive plan of action. A two-stage process then identified and evaluated possible locations for the unit, both onshore and offshore. OMC's deep experience of legal process deconstruction and extensive proprietary databases gave us a key advantage in understanding the practical consequences of establishing new units both within the UK and offshore.  Having drawn up a long list of potential locations, a 'balanced scorecard' was created to weight and measure each location against the client's specific requirements. Finally, OMC provided a shortlist of 6 ideally suited locations with the client receiving a detailed report on each, with guidance and recommendations as to which location best suited the client's needs. 

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